Tech Report

Find the latest threat intelligences direct from AhnLab’s security experts

Threat Analysis

Sour Lemon Duck: PowerShell Malware Exploiting SMB Vulnerability

This analysis report presents the kill-chain, primary functions, and internal proliferation methods of Lemon Duck in full detail.

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In-depth Analysis

Operation Kabar Cobra: Tenacious cyber-espionage by Kimsuky

This report describes the latest attacks by Kimsuky Group including main methods, and changes in their purpose and targets.

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Issue Report

  • Full Discloser of Andariel, a Subgroup of Lazarus Threat Group

    This report describes the several cyberattacks by Andariel Threat Group including main methods, and changes in their purpose and targets

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  • Detailed Analysis of Red Eyes Hacking Group

    This report takes a closer look at the main activities of Red Eyes and another group that may be affiliated with it.

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  • Analysis Report on Attacks Targeting South Korea

    This report shows attacks targeting South Korea; attack method and hacking groups.

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  • Targeted Attacks on Defense Industry

    This report presents analysis of attacks on defense industry which can be serious concerns to national security.

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  • Analysis Report on WannaCryptor

    This report presents analysis on WannaCryptor, also known as WannaCry and Wcrypt, which has quickly spread worldwide.

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  • Ransomware Trends to Watch

    This report presents ransomware trends that have evolved more quickly and become more diverse since 2016.

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  • Locky Ransomware Variants Cropping Up Continuously

    This report presents the Locky ransomware variants and the most practical ransomware response strategy.

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  • [Analysis of Zero-Day Exploit #04: Almighty Zero-day Attack: GodMode (CVE-2014-6332)]

    This report presents what GodMode is and how attackers are able VBScript in web browser to perform malicious behaviors by GodMode.

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